We Need Your Help!  Hurricane Irma Emergency Food Relief:   Donate Now Donate Today!

As a result of power outages due to Hurricane Irma, millions of Florida families were forced to throw away food. Thankfully, several of our generous Product Partners have pledged 25 truckloads of fresh produce and proteins ready to be delivered to our UP Centers. Unfortunately, the fuel and freight costs to cover these additional shipments will cost our organization $60,575. Please consider making a donation to sponsor a pallet or truckload to help ensure this donated product can make it into the hands of those who need it most during this difficult time.

Member Grocery Center

Visit Our Member Grocery Center

Our Member Share Gorcery Program is a dignified food and household assistance program where you can personally select the nutritious food items your family needs.

Here’s how it works: We purchase groceries in bulk and receive product donations from major grocery chains. Our program members contribute a small handling fee per item, to cover transportation costs and to help our organization continue to get nutritional and basic needs items into the hands of those who can best benefit.