STEP Success Story

When Taylor enrolled in UP’s Success Training Employment Program (STEP) in 2015, he knew he wanted more from life than a dead end job and a lifetime of poverty, and his determination to have a better live was obvious to everyone who met him. Taylor was taking two buses and walking another mile to get to class, and was there on time with a smile of his face every morning.

Taylor’s hard work did not go unnoticed, and UP was able to utilize our community partners to help Taylor get back in school and obtain his GED. He won an internship with the Department of Juvenile Justice, and successfully completed the internship while taking three buses to get back and forth.

These days Taylor is living in Springfield, Missouri, and is a Culinary Arts major at Ozark Technical Community College. He works overnights as an auditor to support himself while he finishes school, and is the proud owner of a brand new Jeep Cherokee. This month Taylor married his lovely bride Andrea, and we are so pleased to congratulate them on their new chapter in life. We look forward to continuing to watch Taylor’s success story unfold!